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CREATIONS portal aims to enrich the existing educational approaches by blending artistic creativity with the inquiry based science education model so as to extend the implementation to larger and more diverse settings. This page describes the structure of the CREATIONS Community portal organized in 3 steps: "to Search", "to Share" and "to Create" by using or adapting the creative practices and tools that the project has to offer according to the teachers' needs. In this website you are about to explore useful practices in the direction above by following a simple browsing scheme. The central idea of using the portal can be summarized in three basic steps:

for a demonstrator in the resources
your own community around its content
by organizing an event based on a demonstrator of your own

Creations search

This area hosts the CREATIONS resources in terms of its demonstrators.
A demonstrator is a summative set of important information including description, methodology, guidelines and assessment, of a school project which integrates three basic aspects:

• Effective Educational Activities based on Creativity-enriched Inquiry Based Approaches (school based)
• Educational Activities that promote school – research centre collaboration
• Effective Educators Preparation and Professional Development Programs

A demonstrator proposes new ways of interacting with scientific content and demonstrates the results from the extended validation effort of its creator. It briefly presents the described project, its implementation, and its main outcomes, as well as the benefits and recommendations for further application, improvement and integration in training policies and practices . 

Click on RESOURCES to Search for a demonstrator that is closer to the way you teach and then download it.

Creations share

This area hosts the ways in which you can share your creative ideas around the demonstrator you have chosen.  A good start is to join the CREATIONS community. Once you are accepted you will be able to build your own community around the demonstrator you have chosen. When building your own community you will be asked for some basic information such as the “Title” and the “Description”. (e.g.: “GSOrt demonstrator community”, Description: “This community is created to support the use of the GSOrt demonstrator in our country”). You can add images or links to external sites. An optional translation in English can also enhance your description. 
Once you have created your community, you can start using Modules that support the implementation of your demonstrator in your school: 

• Create a blog describing the activities inspired by your demonstrator with photos, videos or links. 
• Invite colleagues to become members and contribute on the content or disseminate it through other social media platforms. 
• Organize online debates concerning a practice or the properties of your demonstrator and openly discuss the point of views around it. 
• Make an event around the chosen demonstrator and invite parents to follow. 

Instructions how to build your community

Instructions how to Join a community

Instructions how to start using modules in your community

Creations create

This area hosts instructions of how you can create an event using your own demonstrator.
Teachers can start from scratch using the existing demonstrator template or design their own using combination of elements from different demonstrators. Each sector of the demonstrator template (Rational of the Activity/Educational Approach, Learning Objectives, etc.) can be combined or altered according to the user needs:
The decisive characteristic of CREATIONS project is not only to encourage the integration of innovative educational practices in science education but to allow teachers to develop their own. Key aspect of this approach is the adaptation of the Inquiry Based Educational phases that are embedded in each demonstration:

  1. 1. Question
  2. 2. Evidence
  3. 3. Analyse
  4. 4. Explain
  5. 5. Contact
  6. 6. Communicate
  7. 7. Reflect

Download a demonstrator’s template

How to upload your demonstrator at the CREATIONS portal as a document

How to register an event via the Event Module (page 10 of the document)

CREATIONS project is funded Under the Science With and for Society Programme of HORIZON2020. This publication reflects the views only of the author (CREATIONS Consortium), and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.