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How can young people’s interest in science be increased? 16 partners from ten European countries want to break new ground. In CREATIONS, a project funded by the European Union, they develop creative approaches based on art for an engaging science classroom.

The CREATIONS community portal creates a vital environment of innovative approaches, activities and resources for teachers and students towards Scientific Research. All tools hosted in this portal are based on Art and focus on the development of effective links and synergies between schools and research infrastructures. Effective community building as an aspect of the project-implementation will lead to the development of a roadmap that will include guidelines for the design and implementation of innovative educational and outreach activities.

Below you can see a dynamic presentations of the existing communities at this moment based on or supporting the CREATIONS demonstrators:
Έκθεση Μαθηματικών: "Όλα είναι Αριθμός"

  CREATIONS Summer School 2018

Greek Student Parliament on Science

Learning Science Through Theater

CMS Virtual Visits

 CERN's Beam Line for Schools Competition

O Διαγωνισμός του CERN: Μια Δέσμη για τα Σχολεία


Cultural Collisions

The Magnetic Field and its Applications

Structure of the Atom

The ALICE Experiment at CERN

Playing With Protons Greece


Features of the Sun

CREATIONS Summer School

CREATIONS Summer School Demonstrator

GSOrt CREATIONS Demonstrator Community GR


Mathematical Tour on Art

"Multi-Maker" scientific event!

Creative colors of climate change

Math Stories in Museums

Global Science Opera in Real Time

Global Science Opera (GSO)

Write A Science Opera 


Atoms and Molecules (WASO at Rubbestadneset School)

Inquiring the Ghost Particles

Moon Village – a Global Science Opera


University of Bayreuth

HYPATIA: Elementary Particle Visualisation Tool

Let’s Accelerate Particles

Particle Physics Masterclass

Particle Physics Workshop

Neutrino Passoire

Clocks and Gears

How to Build a Science Exhibition

Einstein Meets Creativity

Build your own Neutrino Detector

Gravitational Waves: The Echoes of Creation


STEAM Summer School

Aspects of VENUS

May Month of Mathematics


4D Math

Augmented Reality

Rethymno CREATIONS Workshop

Cinencia Clip

Playing With Protons Crete

Artful Physics: A competition for UK Primary and Secondary Schools

Dialogue in Science Creativity Arts

Youtube Science Video Workshop

Playing with Protons UK


CURIEosity:Physics through CURIEous Eyes

Exploring Light and Color: A Masterclass

Art&Science across Italy


Science Monologue Workshop

Explaining Physics Concepts Through Fine Arts

 The Power of Physics in an Ancient Greek Theater

The Sound of the Earth

Tjødnalio Culture Weeks


CREATIONS Summer School 2018

CREATIONS Community for Partners




The CREATIONS project has been funded with support from the European Commission under: H2020-EU.5., H2020-EU.5.a. Project reference: 665917



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