ODS Summer School 2015

ODS Summer School 2015
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Welcome to the ODS Summer School 2015 community!

The aim of the Open Discovery International Space Summer Academy is to support school innovation and to train school leaders and leading members of school staff to promote the development of their schools into open learning communities, and thus improve the quality of all aspects of schooling.

This year the Summer school will address 4 areas that are viewed as key for school innovation:

1) Creative thinking- Thinking at the Edge and Focusing Techniques

2) Educational design, with particular reference to Universal Design for Learning Principles

3) Opening the school to the community and engaging the parents

4) Introducing game-based learning elements

Fourty teachers and Heads of schools are participating, coming from Poland, Cyprus, the UK, Portugal, Ireland, Lithuania, Finland, Turkey, Austria, Greece, Bulgaria, Estonia, France, Germany, Serbia, Croatia and Romania. Participation in the course is funded through the ERASMUS+ programme. Also, ODS contest winners (National Educational Scenario Contests and Innovative Schools' Contest) are also joining, after having won a scholarship for the Summer school.

The course, as well as all training material, will be delivered in English.

Check here for the Programme and the Location.

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