Schools Study Earthquakes
Hosted by OSOS, contributed by Nikos Zygouritsas el 06/02/2018

The specific project adresses the challenge of the study of a physical phenomenon with great societal impact and proposes pedagogical practices based on inquiry‐based methods that are more effective in science education. The objective of this combination is on one hand to increase children’s and student’s interest in science, on how science is made and how it affects everyday life, and on the other to stimulate teacher motivation on up‐taking innovative teaching methods, subjects and practices to enrich and renew the science curriculum.

The key is to provide increased opportunities for cooperation and collaboration between schools across European countries (mainly countries of the European South that experiencing seismic activity) and encourage relationships between stakeholders of both formal and informal education by establishing a network of schools that will study real data, do real analysis of real seismic activity in real time and will present their results to their communities.