Content integration in ODS

Title of Acitivity
Content integration in ODS
Difficulty Level: Expert

Description of Activity

Description of Activity: 

In this learning module, content providers will be presented with the problems related to content integration in ODS. The ODS metadata workflow will be explained in detail, as well as issues related to intellectual property rights, contractual implications and other legal commitments.

Pedagogical objectives

This module aims at introducing the concept of harvesting as well as the protocols and technologies related to harvesting in ODS. After this module learners will be familiar with the ODS metadata workflow and integration scenarios, will be aware of Intellectual Property Right issues related to metadata ingestion in ODS and will know more about the contractual implications of signing over metadata rights, as well as other legal commitments.


Content providers will follow a presentation about all the topics in the module: ODS metadata workflow, Content integration scenarios in ODS, Intellectual Property Rights, Contractual implications and other legal commitments.

Follow up

Content providers are encouraged to read related ODS deliverables such as D7.3 and D4.1.

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