Teachers' and parents' collaborative community

Teachers' and parents' collaborative community
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This is a community, developed in the framework of E-STEP project, in order to support teachers' and parents' collaboration and parents' substantial engagement in schooling. The community includes teachers and parents who participate in E-STEP as pilot schools, but also welcomes other teachers and parents who are interested in building effective partnerships. As members of the community you can access and upload resources on parental engagement, post news and events and take part in discussions with teachers and parents from all around Europe.

E-STEP is a European n project funded by the Comenius programme, which aims to help teachers and school managers acquire and reinforce such attitudes, skills, knowledge and qualifications that will enable them to effectively engage parents in schools and interact with them through social networking technologies.

Such technologies will provide online facilities for:

(1) Networking among schools, teachers and parents,

(2) Training for teachers in order to

i) acquire the necessary skills for effective collaboration and engagement of parents,

ii) ICT digital skills in order to use social networking tools efficiently in order to engage parents

(3) Access to digital resources that will help teachers and parents to collaborate effectively.


Six partners from 5 countries (Greece, United Kingdom, Austria, Bulgaria, Ireland) participate in the project. 21 schools have so far confirmed their intent to participate as Associate Partners/ Pilot schools. This first list of schools was selected by the partners based on the schools’ expressed interest in parental engagement issues, while it is also tried to keep a balance between Primary and Secondary Schools, as well as between urban and rural areas. As of September 2014 the project will include 125 schools, that will be provided with training materials and scenarios for school-based activities that will support parents' engagement in schooling, with particular emphasis on using social networking technologies.

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