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This is a schools community of Ellinogermaniki Agogi Junior High School
Domain: Business Studies
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Green Learning Network (GLN) will address the current gap between the educational approaches in the Agriculture, Biodiversity and Rural Affairs (ABR) fields and the everyday practices of farmers and agricultural professionals. The project is dedicated to creating a network of educators, agriculturalists, institutions, learners and user communities in Lifelong Learning. GLN will be a focal point for those involved with all aspects of ABR to access, contribute and use rich learning resources drawn from the experiences and insights of farmers, rural professionals and experts in the ABR field.

This free webinar addresses educators, parents and researchers interested in exploring how digital open content, innovative tools and educational scenarios can support environmental education at school level and beyond. Building on inquiry-based and resource based teaching approaches, the webinar will introduce accessible authoring and discovery tools that can help educators connect classrooms with science centres, museums and global collections of high quality openly accessible educational resources."

Sustainable development
rural education

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