CREATIONS Summer School 2018

CREATIONS Summer School 2018
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“CREATIONS Summer School 2018 - Developing an engaging classroom”

The CREATIONS Summer School 2018 which will take place at Marathon, Greece on 08/07/2018– 13/07/2018 introduces innovative approaches and activities that involve teachers and students in Scientific Research through creative ways that are based on Art. The Courses focus on the development of effective links and synergies between schools and research infrastructures in order to spark young people’s interest in science and in following scientific careers.

 The CREATIONS Summer course aims: 

  • To introduce support policies in developing demonstrating and effective communities between researchers, artists, teachers and students and empowering the latter to use, share and exploit unique scientific resources such as research facilities, scientific instruments, advanced ICT tools, simulation and visualisation applications and scientific databases.
  • On strengthening formal (educational field trips, virtual visits, school based masterclasses) and informal learning (games and student generated apps, webfests and hangouts, related artworks like science theatre or student generated exhibits, debates in the framework of junior science cafes) that promote creative inquiry-based learning and appreciation of how science works.
  • Based on the CREATIONS pedagogical framework these educational activities will be enriched and expanded with creative approaches to develop artworks (exhibits, Theatre, Opera).

 The CREATIONS Summer Courses refer to teachers and artists wishing to extend the “dialogue” between scientists and the educational community by enforcing the collaboration between schools and research organisations (using the artistic expression as a catalyst). The courses seek to promote scientific culture in society by helping young people to acquire a better understanding of the role of science and technology in society.

The course will last for 6 days, consisting in total of ca. 25 hours of workshop based training, such as presentations followed by hands-on sessions. The lectures and the demonstrations of the training course will be held in an auditorium equipped with a data projector and a laptop, whereas, the workshops will be held in a multimedia laboratory where each participant will have direct access to a PC with internet connection and will carry out planned exercises.

Before coming to the summer school, participants will be asked to join the CREATIONS Summer School 2018 online Community of the CREATIONS portal.

In order to be informed about the basic aspects of the preparation they had to do for the summer school. Moreover, the participants are encouraged to explore the groups and the educational objects of the community that are constantly being updated.

The CREATIONS Summer School 2018 will be held at Golden Coast Hotel & Bungalows , an A-class/ 4-star sea-side hotel which stretches on the golden, sandy beach of the Marathon Bay, near the historic location of Marathon, at the outskirts of Athens.

For more information about the programme of CREATIONS Summer School 2018, registration, fees or how to apply please, visit:

Please note that Teachers' and school leaders' participation in the CREATIONS Summer School2018 can be funded by the ERASMUS+ Programme (Key Action 1, Mobility project for school education staff). The deadline for application is February 1, 2018 at 12:00 CET. Although the type of action is entitled "LEARNING MOBILITY OF INDIVIDUALS", the applications are submitted by the participants' schools- no individual applications can be submitted.  Eligible countries for ERASMUS+ funding are the 28 EU member States, plus Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Turkey and FYROM. For   More details on this funding option please visit:

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