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Bringing Nobel Prize Physics in the Classroom
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Have you ever wondered how we can integrate Modern Physics in the school curriculum? Do you believe that exciting discoveries such as the Discovery of Gravitational Waves or the Discovery of the Higgs Boson can be brought in the classroom in a consistent and understandable fashion? The FRONTIERS Project brings together expertise from frontier scientific research and educational research in formal and informal science learning, along with user communities across Europe, in order to demonstrate how Nobel Prize winning science can be systematically integrated in the school curriculum.

How do I participate in FRONTIERS ?

It only takes a few minutes: Subscribe to our newsletter and take a moment to fill the participation form of the project. Congratulations, you are now a FRONTIERS teacher!! Further information will be sent to your email.
To join the ongoing discussions in the FRONTIERS Community, you only need to make your registration (by clicking on register on the top of the page) and press join community
You can also join the FRONTIERS communities in France, Greece, Ireland, Italy and Portugal!

Your journey just began!

Browse the FRONTIERS Educational Resources

High Energy Physics
Search for the Z and Higgs Bosons
Study data from the Large Hadron Collider
How to accelerate particles
The ALICE Experiment at CERN
The Magnetic Field and its applications

Gravitational Wave Astronomy
Earthquake Interferometer
Gravitational Wave Noise Hunting 
Finding Black Holes in a Chirp 
EGO Control (Class)room
VIRGO Virtual Visits 

Astrophysics / Cosmology
Discovering Alien Worlds 
Black Holes in My School
Exploring the Sun: Does the Sun Rotate 
Exploring the Sun: The Differential Rotation of the Sun 
“Measuring the recessional velocity of distant galaxies”: calculating the age of the Universe

Cosmic Ray Physics
Build your own cloud chamber
Study Cosmic Rays Using Data from School Detectors
Relativistic Muons and Time Dilation

General Physics
The Pendulum: From Cooking Spagetti to a Gravitational Wave Detector
Discovering and building a Michelson interferometer
Mass- Energy Equivalence


How can I learn more?

To learn more and stay up to date for our news and events, make sure you browse and bookmark our website: 

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Particle Physics
Astroparticle Physics

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