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OSOS provides innovative ways to explore the world: not simply to automate processes but to inspire, to engage and to connect. It supports the development of innovative and creative projects and other educational activities. It transforms schools to innovative ecosystems that act as shared sites of science learning in which leaders, teachers, students and the local community cooperate.

Our schools should be incubators of exploration and invention and accelerators of innovation and promote Open Schooling. School leaders should set a vision for creating learning experiences that provide the right tools and supports for learners to thrive. Teachers should be collaborators in learning, seeking new knowledge and constantly acquiring new skills alongside their students. Learn how OSOS supports a holistic approach to innovation here.

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Latest OSOS Schools

Πορτογαλία - Pinhel
Escola Secundária/3 do Pinhel
Πορτογαλία - Rio Tinto
EB 2,3 Rio Tinto
Πορτογαλία - Lamego
Escola Secundária Latino Coelho
Πορτογαλία - Vila Real
Escola Básica Abade de Mouçós