2. eLearning as an additional tool to traditional education system

Title of Acitivity
2. eLearning as an additional tool to traditional education system
Difficulty Level: Beginner

Description of Activity

Description of Activity: 


In this learning module, parents will be introduced to the world of eLearning as opposed to the traditional education system.


This module aims at presenting parents to eLearning as an evolving tool, which is about sharing knowledge in a way that results in better comprehension. Online courses also suit different learning styles better than traditional educational formats. By the end of the module, parents will be able to feel whether e-learning is more effective and results in better student performance and confidence than standard face-to-face classroom training. 


Parents will first watch a presentation on "What is eLearning?" that explains some of the popular misconceptions about eLearning, followed by a slideshow on the revolution that takes place in education, by using mobile learning in every day classrooms.  Furthermore, in his video presentation “Let's use video to reinvent education”, Salman Khan will show the power of interactive exercises, Daphne Koller will present Coursera, which brings courses from top colleges online, free, for anyone who wants to take them. Finally Peter Norvig will share what he learned about teaching to a global classroom of over 100,000 students. After the presentations, parents will be given the opportunity to share ideas on the best ways to help their kids using some of the latest technology.