GREENET: Sharing Enviromental Educational Resources

GREENET: Sharing Enviromental Educational Resources
Domain: Science

Around the world, awareness is growing that we live on a planet with limited resources. The apparent ΅planetary emergency’ signals an educational crisis, among others, that demands new ways of thinking and calls for support to these key competences necessary for active citizenship and social cohesion, as well as a turn towards green professions. What is more, teachers may lack the necessary skills needed to enhance studentsΆ key reflective problem-solvers, and at the same time, students do not comprehend the applicability of science studies to future career choices, thus being hesitant towards green science studies and careers.

GREENET aims to correspond to this increasing recognition, through the development of an appropriate scheme for collecting and exchanging exceptional good practices and their respective tools in the area of environmental education and green careers counseling that exist in various EU countries, in accordance with the “Education and Training 2010” framework. Moreover, a European network of teachers shall be formed and motivated through specific educational actions, contests, and summer schools, to develop the competencies necessary in order to properly educate their students according to cutting-edge approaches in environmental education.

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Created on: 03.04.2015
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