Teachers Academy

Teachers Academy

Welcome to Teachers Academy! This training framework is targeted to both non-technically oriented teachers as well as to IT-coordinators.

The modules are self-contained for flexibility and offer individual learning paths, to take into account different levels of ICT competence and experience with metadata and repositories. Some modules assume little experience with ICT and provide a general practical introduction, others build on previous knowledge.

In response to needs for training on specific applications and tools, there are modules covering the most frequently mentioned products. One or two modules aim to showcase good examples of practice to ensure that the pedagogical value of the training is to the forefront and to motivate teachers to apply their training in sustained and effective day to day practice. The following table shows how the modules fit into the framework and the needs addressed. Different ways to interconnect these modules are possible.


2013.11.13 to 2013.11.14

How to adapt the Open Discovery Space approach in different countries - this is one of the key challenges in the project.

2013.10.19 to 2013.10.21

SYNERGY workshop is targetting the following specific themes:

2013.06.30 to 2013.07.05

The aim of the course is to support the development of European schools’ digital culture and teachers’ digital skills, so that they are able

Training Activities



Become familiar with the idea of using World Wide Web for educational means. This module will give a very broad level introduction for different educational uses of Web and Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).



This module will provide a description and rational on why teachers are encouraged to share learning resources. The module also introduces the basics of Creative Commons as an underlying mechanism that allows sharing and makes it easy to understand.