Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Open Discovery Space (ODS) is committed to protect your privacy and will collect, process and use all data in accordance with the Data Protection Directives and all other applicable data protection laws in the European Union.

By accepting this privacy policy you give your consent that ODS collects, processes and uses data you provide when you register as a user, along with any information that you submit or enter during your visits on ODS according to this privacy policy. If you do not agree to the regulations as set out in this privacy policy, press the “No” Button to exit registration. 

You may, at any time, in whole or in part revoke your consent.

The use of your data according to this privacy policy is one of the basic requirements to properly use the ODS service. If you revoke your consent, ODS will terminate the agreement allowing the use of ODS service and delete your profile.

In particular, but not limited to, you agree to the following:

You agree, that cookies are used on ODS (see item 6. for further information).

You agree, that your name and address (provided in your registration) will be given to any third party substantially claiming an infringement of their rights, if that third party addresses ODS with a written warning containing sufficient prove for the infringement of their rights, and after you were given the opportunity to object to the claim. You agree, that we will take the relevant material offline and that you will be notified via email to your email address and / or regular mail to your address provided in your registration and be given a time limit for objection of two (2) weeks.

ODS will gather, process and use data about you and your computer system in order to provide and improve the service and features of the service. Some of the data will be provided by you as part of your registration and actions on the platform, and some will be collected automatically. In particular:

1. Responsible organization

INTRASOFT International S.A. (Rue Nicolas Bove 2b, Luxembourg) is responsible for the collection, processing and usage of your data regarding the use of ODS. Should you have any queries concerning the privacy protection in ODS, or should you wish to exercise your rights in connection with your personal data, please send an email to Nikolas Athanasiadis ([email protected]).

2. Collection, processing and usage of personal data, and purpose

Personal data will be collected, processed and used, if you provide such personal data to us using the ODS service. 

ODS collects personal data that you voluntarily provide to become a registered user of the service, and when you use certain aspects of the service, such as writing comments, declaring areas of interests, tagging resources, messaging community members, etc.

In the registration process, you will be asked to provide the following personal data: name, address, email address.

In the course of registration you will be asked to choose a user name. As part of the service, to provide an educational social portal, it is necessary that a minimum amount of personal data such as user name or profile picture is visible to other registered users. The name shown to other users on the platform will be your user name, allowing you to use the portal anonymously.

ODS may combine the personal data collected from you with other data collected from you – as described in item 3. below – and other users’ data to provide you with a better experience of our service, i.e. to provide certain features of our service to you, such as to display information and suggestions based on users similar to you.

ODS is a community project. To provide this service to you, a consortium of organizations is cooperating. You will find a list of the cooperating organizations by following this link: Within the distributed consortium service architecture, your personal data will only be exchanged, if this is necessary to provide you with ODS’s service. This, method will be used, for example, to measure popularity of learning resources by gathering ratings, tags, bookmarks, views, etc. from yourself and other users. Data will also be exchanged for services like combined tag clouds for yourself and/or the communities you sign up to.

Other than that, personal data will only be exchanged with state authorities and government departments, if required by mandatory law, or if any third party substantially claims an infringement of their rights, if the third party addresses ODS with a written warning containing sufficient prove for the infringement of their rights, and after you were given the opportunity to object to the claim made by the third party, as agreed above in this agreement.

Other than that, personal data that you supply will not be given or otherwise disclosed to any third party without your prior consent.

As a rule, your personal data is not accessible through search engines.

All our employees, as well as all our cooperating partners within the consortium are obliged by us to keep all data and information confidential and to comply with this privacy policy as well as with mandatory law when processing and using your data.

Users should also be aware that information disclosed during sessions on ODS (e.g. comments, tags, voting) is public information and may be displayed to other users.

3. Collection, processing and usage of other data

ODS also uses technological tools like Web logs and cookies – please also see item 6. of this privacy policy – when you browse or use ODS’s service to  collect certain information in a server log. The server log includes your Internet Protocol Address (by which the computer that is used can be identified), the remote host (name of the computer and IP address of your online access which requests the site), time of your request, status, volume of transferred data and the website from which you visited the requested site (referrer) as well as product and version information of your browser. ODS anonymises the protocol data (logs) without identification or references to the user to use it for statistical analyses, particularly for server load predictions.

An anonymised unique user ID will be used in the ways how ODS associates and stores the automatically generated information with personally identifiable information to provide you with a better experience of our service, i.e. to provide certain features of our service to you, such as to display information and suggestions based on users similar to you.

4. Security

ODS uses technological and organizational security measures to protect your collected data from manipulation, loss, destruction, and against access through third parties. All security measures will be improved according to the development of standard security measures. 

Identity theft and the practice currently known as “phishing” are of great concern to us. Safeguarding information to help protect you from identity theft is a top priority. We do not and will not, at any time, request your credit card information, your account ID, login password, or national identification numbers in a non-secure or unsolicited e-mail or telephone communication.

5. User’s rights

When requested in writing, ODS will provide you with information on your personal data which is saved at ODS. ODS will correct all data, should any data be false or out of date, and requested by you in writing. Moreover, you have the right to ask ODS for suspension and / or deletion of your personal data.  

If you would like us to delete, suspend, correct your data or if you would like to receive information on your saved data, please contact us with a request that we delete your information from our database. We will use economically justifiable efforts to honour your request. We may retain an archived copy of your records if required by mandatory law.

6. Cookies

Cookies are bits of electronic information that can be transferred to a user's hard drive to customize a person's usage of a product or website, keep records of a user's access to a website or product, or store information needed by the user on a regular basis. The use of cookies is typically associated with websites. ODS uses cookies. For example, when you sign in, ODS stores your user ID and a combination of your IP address and time of login as a cookie on your hard drive. This cookie allows you to move from page to page without having to sign in again on each page. Similarly, if you enter information during your session, such as search keywords, this will be stored as a cookie and you will not have to re-enter such information during that session.

If you do not want cookies to be used, you may make certain changes to the preferences of your browser.  You may use ODS’s service with certain limitations, in particular regarding the features of the service, the display of information and suggestions based on your history or users similar to you.

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