ODS Contest: “Let’s move teaching process to the limelight!”

ODS Contest: “Let’s move teaching process to the limelight!”

The ODS project supports the teachers’ planning of engaging lessons by providing access to high-quality, trustworthy teaching materials. Further more, the ODS project intends to stimulate the developing of innovative teaching materials by implementing a high qualitative contest between teachers. The ODS Contest will engage teachers in a more enthusiastic approach of the development of innovative and engaging teaching lessons.

Competing is terms of creatitivity on work is really fascinating!

What this Contest is about: The participants, interested teachers are expected to design, develop and upload their Learning Scenario in their selected theme. The ODS Contest will be organised in one stage. The best Learning Scenario will be rewarded the ODS prize. The selection procedure will be between the teachers that have submitted their Learning Scenario; each teacher will be able to choose any of the submitted Learning Scenario for the first prize, except its own. The Learning Scenario, which will receive the most choices for the first prize, will be the winning one. All the Learning Scenarios will be publicly available to a digital gallery for the selection process.

In oder to enroll in the Contest go to www.ods-contests.eu

ODS Contest in four steps

Step 1:

Register in the ODS Community “ODS Contest: “Let’s move teaching process to the limelight!”  by accessing the  following link:


and create your LEARNING SCENARIO by using the ODS authoring tool provided in the forementioned location.

Generate the document for your Learning Scenario and save it for submission in Step 2

Step 2:

Register in www.ods-contests.eu/register (registration will be feasible only if you are a registered teacher in ODS and the school you are teaching is a registered ODS school)

Step 3:

Upload your Learning Scenario in www.ods-contests.eu/upload by providing a. the url that your scenario is placed and b. the generated document from the usage of the authoring tool

Step 4:

Vote for the best Learning Scenarios, in www.ods-contests.eu/vote.  (the voting system will be open after the finalisation of the submission period)


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1. How I become a registered ODS teacher? By joining the ODS communities portal. Try this: